Freefly World Championship | WPC 2018 start - France 1 " AirWax " Round 1

This morning started the World Parachuting Championship " WPC " 2018, on the Gold Coast in Australia. Here is a taste of the level of flight of the French Freefly Team 1, this is their 1st round 😉
The International Aeronautical Federation " FAI " decided to share their jump.

France 1: Freefly 1

This morning we started with Freefly at the 2018 WPC here on the Gold Coast in Australia and here is a taster of the standard of flying from France 1, this is their 1st round .... AirWax FreeFlyPerformers : Greg Crozier & Karine JolyVideo : Baptiste Welsch

Published by International Skydiving Commission on Sunday 7 October 2018