What is a coach?

The Coach's mission is to give you his knowledge and experience by helping you develop your skills and performance.

What is his experience and flight level? Learn!

It is important to know that there are Junior Coach and the Senior Coach.  

Step 1:

What is a Junior Coach? 

C’est un Flyer IBA Flyer niveau 4 “Static & Dynamic”, ou Tunnel Instructor – Class B Flyer “Static & Dynamic”. Avec 50H de vol et la démonstration qu’il maitrise toutes les postures de vol statiques et dynamiques, un Tunnel Trainer lui signe son niveau de Pro Flyer/COACH

Thus, he can brief, debrief and make demos of all types of flight to his students so that they can in turn, pass their flight levels at IBA or TI. He is aware of his placement so as not to interfere with the instructor's interventions.

This coach will have a first added value with 100H, or by being also Tunnel instructor, instructor, initiator or Coach in skydiving.

It will have additional added value if it is competing in wind tunnel and/or skydiving according to your expectations.

Step 2:

What is a Senior Coach? 

Finally, this Coach is considered Senior with 500H Coaching. This means that he organized between 30 and 40 Tunnel Camps and that he, in fact, trained more than 100 pupils.

We hope that this information will help your understanding of the evolution of the flight and will guide your choices.

Don't forget to keep goals! You'll move faster.

The flight levels IBA and TUNNEL instructor are there for that! Find out more about your Coach.

For info, here are the averages of flight time for obtaining levels:

  • Class A Flyer Static: Between 3h and 15h experience
  • Class B Static Flyer: Between 10h and 30h of experience
  • Class A Flyer Dynamic: Between 10h and 30h of experience
  • Class B Flyer Dynamic: Between 15h and 50H experience
  • Pro Flyer: 50H minimum to be validated
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