Adrenaline champions: Greg Crozier and Karine Joly, ambassadors of the South Region's sports

After two years of exchanges and work with the Southern Region, Karine Joly and Greg Crozier have been named Regional Sport Ambassadors. These two high-level athletes, world champions in skydiving, have become emblematic figures in their discipline.

As ambassadors of the Regional Sport, they participate in events, conferences and workshops to encourage the practice of skydiving and to share their passion with the general public. Their commitment and dedication help to raise the profile of skydiving in France and to encourage the interest of younger generations in this fascinating discipline.

The dynamic duo has won several prestigious titles, including a World Cup, a World Championship and four French Championship titles. They have also set 15 records, including four world records. Karine Joly also holds two women's world records.

Their training takes place mainly in Gap for skydiving, while they practice indoor skydiving at iFLY Aix-Marseille. This last discipline allows them to develop and maintain a high technical level, thanks to the iFly wind tunnel installed in Bouc Bel Air.

Their passion for skydiving was born from various influences. For Greg Crozier, it is the Hollywood movies of the 90's featuring spectacular freefall scenes that pushed him to start this discipline. As for Karine Joly, it was during a plane jump in Lyon that she met Greg. They quickly became inseparable and shared many adventures, such as road trips to other skydiving clubs, scuba diving and even skiing.

They are also involved in the training of future champions. By sharing their expertise and experience, they hope to spark vocations and help emerging talent reach the highest level. Their dedication to the skydiving community is not only limited to their own success, but also aims to pass on their know-how and passion for aerial sports.

In summary, Karine Joly and Greg Crozier are much more than just world champions in skydiving. They are the faces of dynamism and commitment to sport in the South Region, and their journey inspires many people around the world. Their status as ambassadors of Regional Sport is recognition of their accomplishments and their contribution to the development of their sport and their region.