Greg Crozier tries out ZerOGravity, the new wind tunnel in Poitiers

New Aquitaine's first indoor freefall centre will open its doors to the public on Friday, August 7, at Futuroscope. Greg Crozier, 2018 world freefly champion, came to try it out!

Greg's an avid flyer! Whether outdoor or indoor he is always ready to jump into his wetsuit and fly with his friends and students. It was easy to bet that he would soon go and try out this new wind tunnel: ZerOGravity, especially when you know that his friend Domi Kiger, also a world champion, is in charge of the flights.

Thus, over 3 days, the high level athlete came to Poitiers, near the Futuroscope site, and enlarges his list since it is the 53rd freefall simulator in which he flies.

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