AirWax September 2018

AirWax is honored in the PARAMAG of September for the Victory of this team at the 2018 French Championship & for their participation in the 11 big formation jumps to 200 FreeFlyers realized in Chicago.
Our national freefly team which is preparing for the world championships which will take place on the Gold Coast, next month in Australia has already lived strong moments at the time of the closing of this edition. Indeed, after winning the French Freefly Cup 2018, the AirWax team wins the French Championship by achieving a very high average in addition to their performance. Baptiste Welsch wins his 2nd title, Karine joly his 3rd title and Greg Crozier his 4th French Champion title. The two co-founders of the AirWax team, followed only a few days later, with the World Record attempts in freefly, head down, in CHICAGO. Greg Crozier and Karine Joly, already triple World Recordmen, are determined to beat a new World Record. They are more motivated than ever and have a sharp mind. Unfortunately, there will be no new record this time. Rook Nelson, owner of Skydive Chicago and conductor of these Vertical Elite Camps decides never to reduce the size of the band. 11 jumps to 200 will therefore be made with a constant improvement. The weather is not on and at least six jumps that could have changed the game. Why not try a record at 180 for example, the current record being 164? Rook Nelson's answer is clear. For him, it is time to raise the world bar, and these 11 jumps at 200 teach us much more than a last minute 180 record rescue that would have certainly required 3 stall jumps. Never before have we loved this famous quote from Big Way Flyers: Fly Big or Fly Home!
In the end, everyone is working their best on each jump at 200 to try to break this new high but beautiful bar.
The Chicago 2018 episode is over, and already the AirWax team is back in training. The FreeFly World Championship is waiting for them!

Writing, T.D.